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3D Tetris is a video game released for the Virtual Boy in 1996. A Japanese version was planned, to be called Polygo Block, but production of games was ceased due to lack of interest in the Virtual Boy system.

Gameplay: Similar to other Tetris titles, this game uses a three dimensional playing field as opposed to the two dimensional playing field classically represented in its predecessors. The player not only rotates the playing piece horizontally, but vertically as well. And the piece is not only moved in two directions; instead it has four possible directions to move.

Developer: T&E Soft

Publisher: Nintendo

Release date: 1996

Genre: Puzzle game

Mode: Single player

Rating: ESRB: Kids to Adult (6+)

Platform: Virtual Boy

moby-games says:

A 3D Tetris game with a supply of three modes:

A. A three dimensional well appears, large enough to hold five layers of Tetris blocks. Every time you complete a layer with you falling blocks it will vanish and you will be rewarded by a hefty dose of points. If you ever stack over the five layers you will lose one of your layers, once all five are lost your game is over.

B. In this mode you place blocks around the center of the well, any blocks placed in the center will vanish, unless the block completes a layer in which case it will vanish.

C. In this mode a shape will be shown before the game begins. You will have to replicate this shape perfectly, even one block out of place and your game is over. Succeed and after a short animation a new shape will be given.

Nintendo Database says:

Not quite a 3D version of Tetris, but more a whole new breed of 3D puzzle game. The blocks fall into the 3D well, and the aim of the player is to rotate and move the blocks so they fill the bottom of the well. You clear stages by filling in the relevant areas on each stage.

There are three different modes to play. 3D Tetris is the standard mode, then there's also Center-Fill and Puzzle Modes. In Center-Fill you have to mirror the half with blocks already inside, and then drop a block into the middle to finish the stage. In Puzzle Mode you have a shape that you have to build with the blocks.













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