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highscore list (from players playing the Mame Blockout )

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Technos Blockout

Manufacturer: Technos Year: 1989 Class: Wide Release Genre: Puzzle Type: Videogame

Monitor: Orientation: Horizontal Type: Raster: Standard Resolution CRT: Color Conversion Class: JAMMA Number of Simultaneous Players: 2 Maximum number of Players: 2 Gameplay: Either Control Panel Layout: Multiple Player Sound: Amplified Mono (one channel)


A 3-D puzzle game where different shaped blocks are rotated and arranged while they fall down inside a grid-mapped well. Completing a solid grid level eliminates those blocks, while others stack up towards you. The game has New Age-type background music and an ominous, talking Max Headroom-like character.


LICENSOR: California Games Scarcity in collections (


The name “Block Out” is actually a trademark of Kadon Enterprises.

the arcade machine:


the control panel:


backside of the control panel:


some screenshots:

:wiki:blockout_official:technos_vblock_out.png :wiki:blockout_official:technos_wblock_out.png :wiki:blockout_official:technos_xblock_out.png

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