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The Blockout Version for Personal Computers running the good old DOS is probably the best known version of blockout.

download of the original game (zip, 100 kbyte):



For now, i just cite the well written page here:

What the hell is Blockout anyway?

Basically, you have a bunch of blocks shaped in various degrees of nastiness. They fall toward the bottom of the pit, faster and faster as the game goes on. The object is to fill up each level of a given color which will cause that layer to disappear, thus giving you more room to work with. As mistakes are made, the pit fills up - obviously when the blocks reach the top, game over, you lose. Again.

The learning curve is a bit steep at first because one can rotate the blocks along the x,y and z axis both clockwise and counter-clockwise, as well as move the pieces in 8 different directions around the pit. To tell truth, after all these years i still don't know which buttons do what, but the fingers do.

And why would someone devote a Web page to it?

It's simple really. Blockout is evil, and i'm obsessed. I was first introduced to this insidious peace of programming in 1989 when a friend of a friend of a friend's friend gave me a disk. I know the disk came from Europe somewhere 'cause all the names were like Hans, Jan etc… Well Hans and crew, thanks a million. It's been eight years and while your highscores are gone, i still play. Almost every day.

I've busted half a dozen keyboards, demolished a bookshelf and kicked in two doors while playing this game. I used to have a bit of a temper, you see. Blockout has helped me curb this ridiculous temper and also to keep my sanity as i played for hours while under the effects of ahh, trippy stuff. I've found that as goes blockout, so goes life. When i've got my head on straight my blockout is pretty good; when i take the real world too seriously, i play like shit.

Hmmmm. Blockout is some game.

Top 7.5 reasons Blockout is either cool or evil:

  • It runs on a 8088
  • It runs on a Pentium
  • It runs under DOS 2.0
  • It runs under Windoze
  • You can never win.
  • You keep getting better…
  • …But you'll never win.
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