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A Blockout Clone for PDA's running PALM software. Features nice gameplay enhancements like wall shadows, flashing flats and a next piece preview.

it is shareware and currently costs $13.95.

official homepage:

Description (from official homepage):

The only three-dimensional falling blocks game for Palm OS®. Palm OS 5 Enhanced: High-Res 320×320 3D Graphics, WAV Sound Effects, 5-way control. Supports any PalmOS® from 3.0. COLOR & GRAY SCALE. High-Res 240×240 on Handera 330. Special version for Treo 600 smartphones.

The player must place 3D pieces by translations and rotations in order to fill an entire floor (layer) of the 3D pit, then it is removed and the blocks above are dropped down. The falling speed increases on every 100 cubes been dropped. When there is no space to drop a new piece, the game ends.

Fully configurable: pit's dimensions, blocks difficulty, falling speed ….. everything! Features: 45 separate games, Shadow on the ground for easy navigation, Next piece preview, Full and Small screen, Black or White background. Control with the stylus or hard buttons.




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